The Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, is proud to have hosted
the 10th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference.


TaLC10 is now over. The conference gathered 96 participants from Poland, Europe and all over the world, including such remote places as Japan and New Zealand in the east and the U.S. and Brazil in the west. With 5 plenary addresses, 48 papers, 13 posters and 4 pre-conference workshop the conference  was certainly a great success. I would like to thank all the participants for their presence, their animated and stimulating  discussions and their active social involvement. I hope to see all the past and future TaLCers at the next conference which will take place in Lancaster 20-23 July 2014.

Two publications are planned as a result of the conference. One is the volume of conference proceedings containing 66 short papers summarizing all the presentations given at the conference. It will be available in the open access mode through the conference webpage. The other publication volume of several selected longer papers will be published with an international publisher. As these projects are completed, the information will be posted on this site.

Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska
Conference Organizer



Original Welcome

With a tremendous growth in the quantity, range, size and availability of corpus resources and tools for their analysis in the last two decades, the TaLC conferences offer an opportunity for teachers, researchers and software developers to present their ideas on how these vast resources can serve language teaching. Their aim is to promote classroom applications of language corpora, data-driven learning, as well as well as the creation of corpus-informed teaching materials.

The TaLC conferences are a forum for practitioners and theorists from all over the world. They create an opportunity not only to exchange views and opinions but also to forge personal contacts between people working in the same field.

The TaLC 10 organizers will try hard to meet the high standards created by the previous TaLC conveners to make sure that the conference will be equally inspiring academically and gratifying socially.

 We look forward to meeting you in Warsaw.




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